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Top 3 YouTube Airgun Channels!

February 18, 2016

It almost goes without saying that YouTube is the most popular platform for video content in the world. If you want your videos be seen online – you’re going to use YouTube. Before its launch in 2005, the notion of capitalising on video blogs seemed impossible due to technological limitations of the era. Now that the internet is seemingly ingrained into every facet of 21st century life, creating fun, informative and engaging multimedia content to share across a wide digital audience is no longer niche.

The air gun community is no different to that of any other cultural interest and has bared a huge number of successful YouTube channels in aid entertaining fellow enthusiasts. Here are the Solware team’s top 3 channels to check out for regular musing on air rifle culture…

  • Airgun TV

Created and hosted by airgun aficionado Nigel Allen, this insightful channel offers plenty of reviews, features and conversations around much of the latest air gear, guns and peripherals. With each video gaining in excess of 100,000 views, it’s easy to recommend Allen’s insights.

  • The Airgun Gear Show

Like Airgun TV, the production values and professionalism offered by this independent YouTube show sure are impressive. This channel is packed with air gear tests, reviews and features – once again, view levels are insane, people love this stuff. It’s evident that the everyman can outdo the TV bigwigs these days!

  • Solware

Did you really think we’d leave out our own channel? Hah!

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Gun Dogs and Their Responsibilities

February 3, 2016

gun dohdSpaniels, Golden Retrievers, Pointers and Setters – what do they all have in common? Yes they are all Gun Dogs. Gun Dogs are a type of dog that are specially bred to assist hunters in finding and retrieving game. Usually gun dogs are used for game bird shoots. The hunter shoots them out of the sky and the dog goes to find them and brings them back.

Gun Dogs are usually divided into Beaters and Pickers Up. The Beaters have a lot more freedom to move about and aren’t usually as well trained as the picking up dogs but they do have to respond to a whistle.


These dog get the precision job of picking up – they are required to stay faithfully at the shooters side until they are called upon to pick up the shot game. The retriever has to have a great deal of discipline and must be very well trained. They have the most stressful job of all of the dogs on a shoot. The most popular retriever in the UK is the Labrador retriever although the golden retriever and the flat coat retriever are also popular choices.


The spaniel is the hunter dog. The hunter dog has to be extremely efficient and stay within close range of the handler flushing game until it is shot when it may be called upon to retrieve it. Because spaniels are such lively dogs it can be hard to train them and to get them to be as obedient as they need to be on a shoot – especially the Springer. The English Cocker is a popular choice for hunting game.

Setters and Pointers

Called pointers because they are required to point out the game so that the hunter can move in close before the flush. These are larger dogs and are only worth having as a gun dog if you are going to be doing lots of hunting in larger spaces. They are big dogs that cover a lot of ground and not recommended if they are going to be more of a pet than a working dog.

The overriding factors that influence your decision to buy your gun dog should be the amount of work that they are required to do. If you simply want a pet that can occasionally pick up your game then your requirements are different to those serious hunters that run shooting game clubs. All too often gun dogs can end up in rescue centres because they weren’t chosen wisely.

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A Brief History of Air Guns

December 20, 2015

solwareWhile the popularity of air rifles in Britain continues to grow as a sporting interest, many people do not realise the heritage behind the gear they use. Air rifles for example were first introduced (at least according to the history books) sometime around the 15th and 16th century. According to archaeological documentation, 1580 marks the construction age of the oldest preserved air rifle still present today.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that air guns were more popular in the 1600’s than traditional gun powder fuelled weaponry as they proved considerably less unwieldy and smoggy than the latter. For example, with an air powered weapon they needn’t be concerned about the black powder getting wet or having smoky clouds emerge from their fire – better yet, they were far quieter thus giving hunter’s considerable advantage.

lewis and clarkThe weapons continued their popularity well into the 1800s, particular in the states thanks to the development of technology and the earlier introduction of .30 and .51 calibre air weapons. A popular air rifle form this period is that used by Lewis and Clark between 1803 and 1806 during their expedition through the Pacific. The weapon was a .31 calibre air gun and was used for hunting, the gun is said to have roused considerable intrigue from the Native Americans who named it a “smokeless bolt of thunder”.

While air guns would eventually be phased out in battle in favour of firearms, air guns remained a favoured pastime worldwide for hunting, target practice and sport. In fact, you may recall in 1984 the Olympics introduced competitive shooting and the National Air Rifle Association continues to broadcast and support the sporting merits of these outstanding machines.

Solware recommend giving this brief video a watch over on YouTube, it condenses a lot of these facts down into an easily digestible lesson!

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Introducing The Latest Sig Sauer Pistols and Rifles

November 20, 2015

Great news for Solware customers this November as we proudly launch our latest stock of Sig Sauer lead pellet’ pistols and rifles with some seriously weaponised discounts. Available now both online and at our brick and mortar Staffordshire unit, these outstanding air weapons offer unrivalled precision and grip for an accessible price. Take a look at two of our featured pistols and rifles below…

Available now for £369.95, this impressive rifle offers a 30 round Roto Belt magazine with a semi-automatic 0.177 calibre steel barrel. This is a seriously durable and attractive rifle which we are pleased to offer at a discounted rate for the winter season. For extra precision, a Sig Sauer 20R red dot sight also comes mounted as standard.


This finely crafted full scale replica offers Solware customers a chance to own one of the most popular pistols among the British Police Firearms unit. With a reliable and satisfying CO2 cartridge and semi automatic steel barrel, this fine pistol is a further testament to the quality of Sig Sauer’s lead pellet weaponry.


Of course, these are not the only two new products to get excited about; we also have the fierce yet attractive Sig Sauer MPX FDE Semi Auto Lead Pellet Air Rifle and MPX Double Action Lead Pellet Air Rifle.



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New SMK PCP Rifles at Solware

October 13, 2015

As you may already know, the team at Solware are currently celebrating the company’s 17th year in trade and what better way to kick off autumn than with the arrival of our cheapest SMK PCP rifles yet?

We believe that there should never be a trade off between value and quality which is why we are proud to stock the PR900W and M22 models fresh from production.

The PR900W offers outstanding stability, range and precision at an entry level price free from the ramshackle flaws one may expect from shooting on a budget. If you would like to take a closer look at the rifle before committing then please do pay our Tamworth outlet a visit where we will happily demonstrate the hardware in person.

gun 1

Available online now for £209.95 (plus delivery and VAT), its key features include:

  • Single & Multishot in one gun
    • Fixed Precision Rifled barrel for greater accuracy
    • Overall Length 95cm / 37″
    • Open Sights
    • Grooved for Telescopic Sight with Fibre Optics
    • Extremely Powerful
    • Hardwood Stock
    • Weight 2.27 kg / 5 lbs

Next up we have the M22 which takes things up a notch but is once again available in either .177 or .22 calibre models.

gun 2

While a little pricier than the PR900W, this exceptional rifle offers quality far beyond what we expect for such a price tag.

Available now at £364.95 (plus delivery and VAT), features include:

  • Single & Multishot in one gun
    • Available in .177 & .22
    • Fixed Precision Rifled barrel for greater accuracy
    • Overall Length
    • Barrel Lenght
    • Grooved for Telescopic Sight with Fibre Optics
    • Extremely Powerful
    • Hardwood Stock

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