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Air Rifle Safety Part Two

July 19, 2016

It goes without saying that Airsoft is one of the most intense sports in the world, where every decision you make counts and you need to hone in on your skills of teamwork to work your way out of problem solving situations. As with any sport, Airsoft comes with risks and the team at Solware thinks its best that we run through the top 4 Airsoft safety tips that you need to take into account if you’re thinking of getting into the sport!

  • Eye protection

In the middle of a match, rubber pellets are flying across with incredible force which can cause serious injuries to you and other players. That means its important players have the correct eye protection on at all times while holding the Airsoft gun.

  • How to buy and have control over your Airsoft gun

Be comfortable with your Airsoft gun; learning how to handle, load, operate and fire your Airsoft gun is vital in ensuring yours and other player’s safety. If you are worried about having to learn to control the Airsoft gun, then training is always available and players who have been involved with the sport for years are happy to assist.

We can’t stress enough how important buying your first Airsoft gun is, if you get it wrong then it will prove financially costly and if you get it right, then you have the perfect gun and would have saved money!  The video below will help you decide which gun is best for you:

  • Correct Airsoft Stance Positions –

If you’re looking to perfect every skill in Airsoft then having the correct technique in your stance when holding the gun is very important in ensuring you hit every target in as little pellets as possible. There are various different techniques used in Airsoft, and the video above goes in-depth on what correct stance’s look like and what incorrect stance’s look like.

  • Think Safety First

We think you know this, but never consume alcohol prior to, or during a shooting session. Being under the influence of alcohol while holding a gun can cause significant danger to you and other players. Regular maintenance on your gun is a great way to check whether it is still safe for use, if you’re a beginner however, then your gun should be safe for a while, it’s still important to check never the less.

Air Rifle Safety Tips Part One

June 19, 2016

Air rifles are great, but they’re also very dangerous and without proper training1, someone could easily lose an eye or worse!

It’s high time we went through the procedures required when handling or looking after an air rifle…

Handling an air rifle with care is essential, but cleaning them is also essential! Within this video, ShootingUK offer an in-depth look into rifle care: showing you the ins and outs of professional cleaning while sharing small pieces of information along the way for the novices out there.

As many places will tell you, there are rules you must follow when handling an air rifle:

  • Always know where the muzzle of your air rifle is pointing and NEVER point it in an unsafe direction.
  • The safe conduct of air rifle shooting must meet the standards described in this code, show respect for the countryside, due regard to health and safety and consideration for others.
  • Before you shoot, make sure that a safe backstop is present to capture the pellet.
  • Consider live quarry; do not shoot beyond the bounds of your ability.
  • Consider your surroundings and who is amongst you.

This video, produced by UmarexAir shows you proper safety with air rifles; it provides some great tips and guidelines to work by when handling air rifles.